Honored By Music Publication Review

This morning, I woke up feeling grateful to receive a notification that I have been featured in an online music publication.  
I am most thankful to Sam Liddicott for kindly recognizing my true mission (to help, inspire & entertain people across the world)  
The article states;  
"There are not many artists that have the intelligence and abilities of Gemma Louise Doyle. A musician that has covered a range of artists with supreme confidence and stunning intuition: Her voice is something that will stick in the mind for a long time. Her 4-octave singing range, means nothing is off limits. Whether tackling an opera number or modern-day Pop track: she can make it sound completely new, essential and wondrous.  
Full of charm, comedy and wit- she speaks six languages too. Doyle is a natural performer with so many strings to her bow.  
Not only does the London-based heroine blow you away with her music: her attitude to life and positive outlook has helped and comforted many out there.  
No matter what mood you are in; how long you are feeling: Gemma Louise Doyle can help; she can make you feel more positive- give you a fresh perspective on life. A humanitarian and philosophical leader: a stunning entertainer and beautiful soul- somebody that deserves happiness and success. That success should not be far away.  
The young musician’s feet do not get a chance to rest and relax. Currently performing around the U.S. and U.K. there is the promise of new music, soon. 
I, for one, cannot wait to hear it. Who knows what is in store for the coming weeks and months" 
Thank you to all of you who keep me inspiring & entertaining people across the world. 
Love always, Gemma-Louise Doyle

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