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"Your only limitations in life, are those which you allow your own mind to believe"
Gemma Louise Doyle

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Gemma Louise Doyle;
"I believe that every person on Earth has a given talent.
You are unique. Among 7 billion people living today, there is not a single other person who has what you have.
It is your duty to be happy and live a fulfilling life.
The key to happiness is to live every moment, as you know you should.
Follow your intuition. 
In order to do this, you have to give the very best of your talent, study, work hard & develop yourself to share your gift to make other people's lives better, and to make the world a better place.

My aim with this page, is to help motivate and inspire you, to live the best life possible. 
Know that Anything is possible, follow your dreams, and remember; Life Loves You!
Love Always, Gemma



Nine Ways To Keep Yourself Happy 

Nine things to keep yourself happy: 

We live in an infinite Universe, where anything is possible. 

It doesn't matter if not everyone likes you. There are 7.4 Billion people on the planet. Even if 50% didn't like you, there's still a lot of people to like you. 

You can achieve anything you believe. 

Follow your heart and intuition. It's guiding you to the life you deserve. 

Everyday, think of 9 things in life you are grateful for. This includes positive relationships with your family, people who care about you, people who you care about, having running water, a place to live, your health, being able to walk, your infinite ability to create anything your mind chooses to believe. 

Listen to your favourite music 

Do a workout/exercise...Yes you will feel better afterwards!  

Maybe this video will inspire you: https://youtu.be/bIzasI3pyWI 

Go and create the life of your dreams!

Love Gemma Louise Doyle x

Be Happy & Make The Most Of Every Day 

Life is too precious to go a day without being happy. 

You will never has this moment, this hour, this day, ever again, for the rest of your life. 

And those who we can share time with now, will not be with us forever. 

Make sure that you are giving your best to each and every moment. 

Take care of your time and be all that you want and should, now.


Have a fantastic day, and achieve all of your dreams, which you deserve. 

Remember, life is abundant, The Universe is infinite, you are incredible.

Always follow your heart, 


Gemma Louise Doyle 


Everything You Need, Is Inside Of You 

Everything which you experience, is in your own mind.  

All of your thoughts, all of your emotions, are not caused by another person. They are caused by you. 

Everything you need, you already have. Inside of you. 


As humans we can change our emotions, how we feel, simply by our thoughts. 

You control your own life, my which thoughts you choose to think. 


As long as you listen to your heart, follow your intuition, it is guiding you to fulfill your purpose in life.


Thank you for listening, have a fantastic day and the best year of life so far! 

Love Gemma Louise Doyle 


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Your Living Reason 

Giving, and making other people happier, is the most rewarding feeling in life. 

This is because that's what we are here to do. 

Whether you bring a smile to your family, or friends (Who, by the way, think the World of you) Or you are highly skilled in a particular field/way, you can make a difference to other people's lives. 

You are blessed in your abilities, and your loving soul. You are a gift to others on this planet. 


Follow your heart, your guidance,  

Be grateful for who you have, and for your home and for being alive for another year. 

(Millions of people across the World died this year. Yet you live, for a reason) 

Now we get to create what we dream of for our lives, in 2018, and every day! 


Should you, or anyone you know, need a little more uplifting motivation this season, you can utilize empowering words & resources, from the blog on my Inspiration page. And email gemmalouisedoyleint@gmail.com to receive weekly messages of love, inspiration & updates.

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End Unhappiness/Suffering, You Have So Much To Be Grateful For! 

A friend/former colleague reached out to me a few days ago, as he's suffering from depression.

Multiple friends have called upon me for help with similar sufferings, in the past.

So I first and foremost, want to implore you; should you yourself, or know of anyone who is; ever suffering from bad thoughts which could cause harm, please, talk with someone who will help you. 

You have every reason, and deserve to be happy in your life.  

You are unique, have a significant purpose for this lifetime, and there are people who you mean the World to at this very moment. 

We have so much to be grateful for. 

*You have family who love you... 

That's more than hundreds of millions across the World; who do not! 

If you don't have a family of your own, you have the ability to create a truly loving one. 

I have met people in my 25 years of life so far, who I love unconditionally, such that I have personally inherited them as my 'family'. 

*You have a home with clean water, safe for drinking and washing... 

According to UNICEF, that's more than some 4.5 Billion people across the World, who are without safe water! 

As you are able to read this message now, you have internet access, a device to view it with, and eyes to see with...Those are much more than many people across the World. 

You may not own a Ferrari, or be a Billionaire, with your dream home, but you have something much greater, much more valuable than that. 

You have intuition. Whether you believe that to be 'gut instinct', God, or a higher power guiding you. 

We live in an INFINITE, ABUNDANT Universe, where anything is possible.  Those who achieve the greatest accomplishments for our World, are aware and following their inner guidance. 

We are RICH! We have homes, families and people who love us! Be happy, celebrate life, be grateful every day! 

I advise you to practice, frequently think of 9 different things which you are blessed with in life, and have gratitude for those. 

Feel free to share these messages with loved ones, friends & family!


Thank you for listening, have a fantastic day and always follow your heart, 

Love Gemma Louise Doyle


To receive weekly/occasional messages of inspiration, send your email address to gemmalouisedoyle3@gmail.com

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A Beautiful Lady With A Beautiful Soul, Shares Her Story 

Every now and again, life blesses us with a (very clear & apparent) Angel. 

I experienced this whilst performing on cruises, I met a beautiful lady by the name of Sue Hamby, who spoke with love and such appreciation for my talent and voice.

Not only is Sue kind and loving, but she invests into charities in Africa, and like myself, commits her life to help make the World a better place.


Sue and I are now good friends, and she is excited to release her first book, which I would like to share with you:

Based upon the story of how Sue coped with the news that her son had been murdered, it has an uplifting message, enough to inspire anybody to give & achieve their best in this lifetime.

The video trailer of the book can be seen by clicking on this image:

'Turning Your Scars Into Stars' is on sale now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and what's more, is that the proceeds from the sales go to Tanzanian orphanage Neema Village!

Thank you for taking the time to visit Sue's websites:


And http://www.neemavillage.org

This lady is a true inspiration to me, and I believe that you will find her inspiring also. 


Keep well, have a fantastic day, and remember to follow your heart.  

Love always,  

Gemma x

You Are Blessed. We Are All One. Share Love And Happiness 

You are a human being, part of the infinite abundant Universe, and living on an incredible planet where we have all that we need:  Love. 

All of the people around you are human and have souls and the same core emotions, as you. 

However, many people across the World do not have what you are blessed with today: shelter, a home, warmth, food, clean water & a family to love. 

My message is this: 

You are rich, in blessings and love. 

Be grateful and happy for this. 

Your thoughts control what happens, what you have and give in life, and anything is possible at any moment.  

You can create and achieve anything. 

As you will know, I believe, with all of my heart, that we are here to help each other, and live peaceful, yet fulfilling and joyful lives.  

Be kind and happy, and share love for everyone.


Thank you for reading, and have a fantastic day/life. 

Love, always, 

Gemma x


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Be Honest! We Are All The Same 

Always be honest, honesty is a key component which maintains/leads to happiness and love.

Why leave people feeling confused or deceived or unsure? Why not instead make life easier, enjoyable and with more love for each other?

When you lie, it can cause hurt, and be unfair towards others, which is highly likely to come back around and hurt you the same, if not more.

In most cases, people essentially know.

We all sense it, we know the truth, we feel it.

(I know for certain, that I have a very strong perception of whether and to what degree people are being honest)

After all, we are all one. We are made from the elements of The Universe, we are all energy.

I am a very honest person. I tell the truth, have learned since my teenage years to express how I feel entirely, and sometimes I can 'say it as it is'

Often, I find that people like me much more, and react to me in a much better way and it makes life easier. Sometimes, people also find me even more entertaining, as it can be funny. Comedians are Very honest, and 'blunt'.

What's most important, is that you don't have to put on pretense, in the worry of what others will think of you. 

Yes okay, sometimes we can  choose to phrase things more kindly, or keep certain things to ourselves, in order to prevent causing harm/offending others.

But we are all human, we are not perfect and we shouldn't lie and deceive each other. 

Anything which you are going through/suffering, feel free to voice this with other people. They will relate to you, because no ones life is perfect!

Be more honest and you will feel better, get on with others better and just watch relationships and life can transform!


Thank you for reading.

My aim is that these posts are to brings more light into your life, and for people across the World.

Have a look at some more profound & uplifting messages, in the blog beneath this message.

Keep well & have a wonderful day,

Be, and give, the very best of you today and every day!

Love, always, 



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